What I'm reading…

I picked up Thomas Pynchon’s new ‘Inherent Vice’ on the day it came out, and finished it last night.

My short review: Pynchon meets “The Big Lebowski”.  If you like both of those things, you’ll probably like the book OK.  Pynchon seems to have gained a slight amount of sympathy for the police, as I read it, compared to Vineland for example.  The expected offering of songs, bad dope jokes, funny names, a 1970 vibe of Manson paranoia, and writing that only Mr P. can produce.

Now I’m into Dave Eggers’ new work of journalism called ‘Zeitoun’ – the story of a family’s travails during Hurricane Katrina, centered on the Syrian construction entrepreneur who gives the book its name.  I’m at the point in the book, as Led Zeppelin puts it, “when the levee breaks.”

Update on Zeitoun: finished the book, which I recommend.  The story of an injustice, perhaps not a major one, but one that we can probably all empathize with.  Here we see the personal impact of a ‘rescue’ system that seems more interested in locking people up than with helping people out.  And we see how quickly one can feel completely isolated in today’s world of usually instant communications.  For more info check out the Zeitoun Foundation.

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