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Along the canal

Here’s a shot from this past weekend, out on a bike ride with some co-workers, we stopped in at a fancy restaurant right on the canal, between Maarssen and Breukelen.  Unfortunately this photo captured about the only 10 minutes of sun for the day!  The rest of the ride was a little wet, but we did find a good place selling fresh cherries.

Along the canal

Another Side of Dessau

Apartment Building in Dessau

After the Bauhaus visits, I took a little wander around the town of Dessau.  Here I found more obvious traces of some fairly brutal architecture from the Communist years.  I can’t object to the goal of providing decent housing for people. but these places just clearly aren’t loved by anyone anymore.

Die Grüne Zitadelle of Magdeburg

Die Grüne Zitadelle of Magdeburg

After the rigorous straight lines of the Bauhaus school, on the same day I paid a visit to Die Grüne Zitadelle of Magdeburg, the last completed architectural project of Austrian artist Hundertwasser. One of his main tenets was the rejection of those straight lines!


I took a tour, but it unfortunately didn’t spend too much time inside the building. The hallway floors have a tendency to rise up in the corners and edges, and most every surface gets rounded off in some way. There are obviously some correspondances with what Gaudi was doing in Barcelona a hundred years back.

Back of Grune Zitadelle

Bauhaus in Dessau

Bauhaus building in Dessau

On my way up to Berlin, I paid a visit to Dessau, where the restored Bauhaus buildings are the main attraction. Above is one end of the main Bauhaus school building built in 1926 and used until about 1932, when political resistance got too high. Below a shot of another side of the complex – notice the sheer glass wall with no outer supporting columns.

Bauhaus building in Dessau

About five minutes aware are a set of restored Bauhaus houses, built for the faculty at the school, and including such inhabitants as Kurt Weill and Paul Klee. Also built in the late 1920s, and only restored in the last 5 years or so. There were originally 4 duplexes, but half of one was destroyed at some point, but the ones that are left are in a lovely wooded area.

Bauhaus home in Dessau

Bauhaus home in Dessau

The Land of August

After Prague, I took the train north, making a short afternoon stop in Dresden.  One sight there was a massive mural of the leaders of the region over the last thousand or so years!  Below is the August, who ruled at a time of great wealth and power there.


A couple days later I paid a visit to Augustburg, his summer castle built atop a hill some 70 miles or so south west of Dresden.  Quite a place!


That’s looking from one of the four corner towers down toward the courtyard.  All basically built in 4 years, they say.