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Includes photos by Curt

Bikes in Mexico City

I made a trip down to Mexico City this past week, and wanted to highlight a bit of what I saw in terms of bicycling.  On Sundays, they close off a portion of the biggest avenue in the city, Reforma, and until 2pm open it to bikes, runners, rollerbladers, etc.

There are numerous bike share racks along the avenue.

And it appears they have racks set up in quite a few places around the big city.

Here’s a closer look at one of the Eco-Bici machines.

At one end of the avenue, they set up an ‘urban cycling school’ to help folks learn to ride.

I saw a fair number of painted bike lanes around town, but Mexico City riding looks daunting to me – lots of cars, lots of intersections without stop signs where the most aggressive drivers just shoot through.  But I did see some riders braving the open streets, including one guy riding against traffic in between lanes!!!

Anyway, looks like there are also some big organized rides.  This billboard was up in one of the Metro stations (cheap and frequent service), for a Halloween/Day of the Dead evening ride on Oct. 29.

I think it's Spring!

Some recent views around Portland…

Views from Seattle

Made a quick visit to Seattle via train, here are some views as I toured around…

End of February – Spring Colors

Just wanted to share a few shots I took this afternoon in the neighborhood.

Snidely and Dudley

The other day I found this lovely old postcard of a Canadian Mountie on a horse in the Rockies, reminding me of Dudley Do-Right.  I sent it off to my friend Phil, who somehow still has in his possession a Snidely Whiplash puppet.  Thus the photo above, which I love.

Snow in Portland

Starting around 3pm yesterday the snow started flying around, and it was cold enough to stick after awhile.  Probably no more than about 4 inches all together, but in the early evening it was lovely.  I went out for a walk and took a few shots.

Fall Colors 2009

I picked up a new digital camera today, because I wanted to capture a few shots of some of the stuning fall colors on display in Portland.  Here are a few samples:

Sunday Parkways in SE Portland!

I got up early this morning to volunteer for the Sunday Parkways event held today in the Southeast section of Portland.  I was at the helm at the T intersection above, where I got my little traffic circle set up, and things got a whole lot busier a bit later.  Above looks east toward Mt Tabor along Lincoln, with 41st off to the left.

Lots of folks came out as the sky cleared and the day got beautiful.  Below a small group performed in front of Sunnyside School.

Over at Col. Summers Park there were many vendors along with a band.

My favorite bike of the day – the fish bike!

See more coverage of the event over at

Bridge Pedal 2009

One day a year Portland lets the bicycles take over the bridges in town, including those that are part of the interstate system.  It’s called the Bridge Pedal, and thousands of riders of all ages get up early on a Sunday morning and hit the roads.  I did the 8-bridge option, which covered about 24 miles and took about 2.5 hours at a fairly leisurely but steady pace.

Highlights were the views from the Marquam bridge, the Fremont Bridge (above), and the St John’s bridge (below).  Check out for more coverage of the event.

Sunday Parkways in NE Portland

Today was the second ‘Sunday Parkways’ event of the season, this time in the Northeast.  They closed off a bunch of streets to cars (excepting local inhabitants) and made a big loop of about 7 miles around the Alberta Arts district.  People can ride either direction.  It was a great sunny day for it!  Lots of people out to enjoy, including plenty of kids.

It’s nice to get the streets clear for a day… and the chalk artists were out in force.

There were bands set up along the way, and more organized activities at several of the parks along the ride.  And there were plenty of impromptu lemonade stands and the like, so I stopped in at one… it’s down in the left corner of this pic  (this shot’s for oakhill193!).

And I’d been meaning to get a shot of this big sign for awhile, so here it is on a bright sunny afternoon: