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Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro (2005)

Never Let Me Go

I read this novel on the flight from San Francisco to London, and the view above is of the book at Heathrow before I left it on a bench for someone else to pick up.  I’ve read most of Ishiguro’s novels, and with this one I was a bit surprised that so many reviewers seemed to think this was some sort of ‘sci-fi’ novel….  Yes, there is a bio-tech angle to the story, but my sense was that the three main characters here, like in most of his other work, are self-deluding and unable to communicate important thoughts and feelings to each other, and are thus like all too many of us in the ‘real’ world.  Other characters wonder about whether their efforts to help others really did any good.  This one did cohere as a story quite a lot better than his last one, so I’d rate it about as high as anything else he’s written.

Visit to Cambridge

St Johns College

After reading a biography of Isaac Newton, along with Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, I wanted to pay a visit on the English university in Cambridge.  I got lucky and got there on a beautiful Spring day!  Cambridge is really a combination of twelve or more individual colleges; above is St Johns.  Below is the ‘bridge of Sighs’ that goes over the River Cam.

Bridge of Sighs


Bush at Jesus College


Above, the garden at Jesus College; below, a view of King’s College from The Backs.


The Backs at Cambridge