Neue Leipziger Schule – Art in Amstelveen

Martin Kobe

Last weekend I happened upon a new museum show at the CoBrA Museum in Amstelveen, a suburb just to the south of Amsterdam.  It’s a group show entitled “Neue Leipziger Schule” featuring the new generation of painters from Leipzig in the former east German, the most famous name at the moment being Neo Rauch.  I wrote earlier about Matthias Weischer, another painter represented in the show.

Martin Kobe

When I was in Leipzig this summer I went out to visit the art center that’s been created at the former textile factory complex, and found the gallery that represents Rauch and Weischer, discovering another painter that I quite liked, David Schnell.  This show at the CoBrA features a couple more painters who have stylistic similarities to Schnell, and I’d like to see more of their work.  The first is Martin Kobe – the images above are examples of his work – and the second is Ulf Puder, example below.

Ulf Puder painting

These 3D worlds of partial architectures seem influenced by scenes created in computer games, and I find them to be very interesting to ponder.  No, I don’t make any claim to understand them…  assuming there’s something to understand above and beyond the visual interest inherent in these paintings.

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