Vijay Iyer's 'Historicity'

Good review today at Pitchfork on the Vijay Iyer Trio’s new CD ‘Historicity’.  I first saw pianist Iyer in NYC a few years back, and he’s been making some excellent modern jazz recordings.  This one features a number of cover tunes.  From the review:

The Vijay Iyer Trio, with Stephan Crump on bass and Marcus Gilmore on drums, is almost a negative image of the old Bill Evans Trio. The sense of telepathic interplay is there, but it’s put toward different ends. If Portrait in Jazz is the sound of aloneness, Historicity is the sound of crowds, a heaving, seething swirl of cross-talk, phrases meeting in often unexpected combinations. It reflects how far both jazz and our world have come in the last 50-odd years. Today, we’re never far from information and chatter, and Iyer uses both his own compositions and those of others to stir conversation with his bandmates.

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