'Orphee' by Philip Glass

Yesterday I made it to the Portland Opera’s production of the Philip Glass opera ‘Orphee’ based on the 1949 film by Jean Cocteau (and of course much further back into the myth of Orpheus).  I was mostly interested in hearing the music played live, but enjoyed the show.  The stage set was a modernist apartment, the singing was in French, much taken directly from the film script apparently.

Here’s a bit of the review by David Stabler from the Oregonian:

If you think all Philip Glass music sounds the same – rush-hour traffic for the ear – Portland Opera would like you to meet “Orphée,” a French twist on the Orpheus myth.

Glass’ operatic riff opened at the Keller Auditorium, Friday, in a stylish production that will almost make you take back those awful things you said about him.

I found the music quite nice – the opening incorporates many sounds from early silent film scores, and I liked the ebb and flow of his rhythms.  (I actually like Glass music, though I can understand the feeling that he repeats many patterns.)  They were recording the show, and so a commercial release of the opera should be available next year sometime.

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