'High Noon' iconography

‘High Noon’ from 1952 made it to the top of my Netflix queue the other day, so I finally saw this western featuring Gary Cooper as a Marshall who takes on four bad guys single-handedly.  Three of the nasty fellows linger at the isolated train station, waiting for the fourth, Frank Miller, to arrive on the noon train.  Lee Van Cleef, above, is one of the baddies.

Watching some of these scenes made it so clear that Sergio Leone had studied this film carefully.  That’s Grace Kelly below at the station.  It’s great to see Van Cleef in both worlds!

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  • Jim  On August 29, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    One of the great movies. Did you note the message that man MUST confront and challenge EVIL. It is necessary for survival. I hope all in todays world situation watch and consider Gary Coopers actions. It is a philosophy to emulate!

    And Grace Kelly was not bad looking!

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