Ride in Oregon!

There’s a famous sign in Portland, on top of a building that’s right by the riverside, so everyone coming across the Burnside Bridge into downtown sees it.  It has a pretty long history, and right now it looks like this:

The building that it’s on is now owned by the University of Oregon, and they have been talking about changing the sign.  It’s had a long history, and has been changed before:  “Built in 1940 for the White Satin Sugar Company, it was changed in 1957 to read “White Stag” by White Stag Sportswear. The Naito family, owners of the Made in Oregon chain, again rebranded the sign in 1995.” (from this story in Willamette Week).

Riding by the sign one evening, I had my own idea about how they should change the sign…

I’m not the greatest photo manipulator, but you get the idea…

Update on July 14: I got in contact with BikePortland.org on this, and they’ve got a post about it.  Feelings run deep about the stag!

Update on July 19: Another item on the sign, this time in Willamette Week!  I also saw that local bicycle part manufacturer Ruckus Components has a similar graphic idea.

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  • oakhill193  On July 18, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    Kudos on the BikePortland recognition. You should send it into the local press and tell them the sign is already up.

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