Marshall Crenshaw @ Mississippi Studios, 11-June-2009

Went to see an old favorite, Marshall Crenshaw, the other night after the Pedalpalooza Parade, over at the renovated Mississippi Studios.  The new room lacks some of the character of the old space, but the sound was good and the crowd was really enjoying Crenshaw’s solo performance.  Above is his new CD ‘Jaggedland’, first one in a few years, and he played quite a few songs from it along with great oldies, going all the way back to his first single, “Something’s Gonna Happen”.  I picked up the new one, and I’d say it’s right up there with his best stuff.

Here’s a bit from his site on what he’s up to these days:

Over the last few years, Crenshaw has played 40 – 50 shows a year on what he dubs “the NPR singer-songwriter circuit.” Says Crenshaw, “This album took a lot of wear and tear on my emotions, but in the end I think it’s one of my best ever and I am so excited to have worked with so many of my favorite players on it. When people ask me why I keep making music after all these years, I have a simple answer: because I have to. For lack of a more colorful term, there is truly something magical to it and I never take it for granted.”

Funny side note: during the show, particularly for some of the early songs, he asked folks to pull out the key chains and ratttle them to the rhythm  – recreating a bit of that jingle-jangle production!

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