St Vincent – Actor (2009)

After hearing a ‘double buy it’ review from the Chicago team at Sound Opinions (show #181 5/15/09), I picked up the new CD by the act known as St Vincent, aka Annie Clark, titled Actor.  She’s from Texas, has previously been part of Polyphonic Spree, and this is the second album.  Kind of hard to describe this pop music, it initially sounds light but the lyrics throw some darker twists into the tunes.  I liked it enough to pick up the first CD, entitled ‘Marry Me’, and I think they’re both quite good.  Here’s a Pitchfork review (8.5).  You can hear some tunes over on MySpace.

Just so happens she’s playing Portland’s Aladdin Theater on Monday night, and I will be there.

Update on the show:  Annie came in with a four-piece band, bass, drums, violin/guitar, and a reed player.  She stuck to guitars all evening.  I enjoyed the show, mostly songs from the new album, and she’s an engaging character (though she stands a bit still and static on stage).  She said she felt a bit like she was in a Jr. High talent show, as we were all seated in the small hall.  There was an interesting vocal mic setup, where she actually had two mics, one that did more echo and processing on her voice, the other that sounded fairly straight.  Some songs had lines alternating between mics.  All in all a good show and an rising talent!

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