Today in Portland

Today was simply a lovely day, so I was out and about, and had a camera with me today to capture a few views around the town.  First stop today was the Stumptown Comics Fest, which was quite good – lots of exhibitors and lots of visitors.  I picked up a few things, which I’ll try to cover in subsequent posts.

Couldn’t resist shots of the big Franz loaf of bread (probably about 20 feet long, it revolves!).

And more… a famous iconic sign that has been in the news lately, as the owner of the building it’s on wants to change it (but it’s already been changed several times in the past, so that’s OK).  And below that, a nice ‘window’ at the Chinese Gardens.

And last but not least, the colorful view from my window…  (and below that, the same view from 16 days prior)

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