Bauhaus in Dessau

Bauhaus building in Dessau

On my way up to Berlin, I paid a visit to Dessau, where the restored Bauhaus buildings are the main attraction. Above is one end of the main Bauhaus school building built in 1926 and used until about 1932, when political resistance got too high. Below a shot of another side of the complex – notice the sheer glass wall with no outer supporting columns.

Bauhaus building in Dessau

About five minutes aware are a set of restored Bauhaus houses, built for the faculty at the school, and including such inhabitants as Kurt Weill and Paul Klee. Also built in the late 1920s, and only restored in the last 5 years or so. There were originally 4 duplexes, but half of one was destroyed at some point, but the ones that are left are in a lovely wooded area.

Bauhaus home in Dessau

Bauhaus home in Dessau

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  • johnk5555  On July 11, 2008 at 9:19 am

    I thought you were going to post about seeing the band Bauhaus. I was very excited! Instead I leraned about Staatliches Bauhaus. I had to wikipedia it! It was a good thing though. I learned something new!

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