Some books I've found

I first learned of Javier Marías and ‘Your Face Tomorrow’ in a TLS year’s best wrap up, and it took me awhile to track down these volumes, but I did find them in Barcelona.

Your Face Tomorrow - Javier Marias

It’s a three volume work, and so far the first two volumes have appeared in translation; I expect the third will come out late this year. It took me a little while to get into the first book; the narrator is in no hurry, he ruminates on conversations, on memories, on his passing thoughts. But in the end there’s little that’s not here for a reason. The narrator meets a rather mysterious character who employs him to study people and report back what he notices. In fact very little happens in the first volume, it’s all setup for later. I’m now midway through the second volume, Dance and Dream, and it appears that virtually the whole book concerns a night out at a London disco, where the narrator finds out quite a bit more about the exact nature of his work, witnessing a violent act after losing track of an important client’s wife.

Here’s a good article on Marías, “Face in the shadows” by Susan Irvine in the Financial Times back in Oct 2007.

Here’s another rather mysterious book I found in Brussels, on the Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco.

Of Games - Gabriel Orozco

The book was published in conjunction with a show in Dublin in 2003, and includes pictures of many of Orozco’s pieces, which are often somewhat sculptural in nature, along with a text that I can barely follow on the game-like and symmetrical nature of Orozco’s work. Here’s a sample page with photo and diagram.

Of Games - Gabriel Orozco

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