Curt atop Casa Battlo

Last weekend I made a quick trip down to Barcelona. I was there back in 1984, and things do seem to have changed a bit; I think the Olympics in 1992 got a lot of things built. But I was most interested in some of the slightly older sights, such as the Casa Battlo, a building (re)designed by Antonio Gaudi about 100 years ago. Above I’m up on the roof.  Below are a few shots of and inside the apartment building.


Casa Battlo was an existing building that was renovated, both exterior and interior, by Gaudi.

Casa Battlo

Ceiling of the front room - Casa Battlo

An interior window at Battlo

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  • Jim  On March 12, 2008 at 11:57 am

    You are getting better looking every year!

    Read my latest blog entry. I am interested in your reaction to the David Mamet column I posted.

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