All about bricks!

Utrecht bricks

Wandering around Utrecht, one can’t help but notice all the streets and sidewalks in the old part of town are made up of bricks and stones. As simple geometric patterns they are often quite lovely, so I’ve taken a few shots.

Utrecht bricks 2

What I’ve discovered however is another angle on this subject. Like in many places, there is often work that involves digging up the street. Here that often means pulling up all the bricks and stones. What’s nice though is that when they’re done, they put the bricks back in place, and within a few days you can hardly tell that any work was done at all.

One more shot, this time the old Canal, Oudegracht.

Utrecht Oudegracht

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  • Jim  On November 4, 2007 at 6:32 pm

    Bricks and canals are both wonderful! John Taylor, my kids maternal grandfather was a bricklayer and in my opinion was an artist, not a craftsman. Sue and I love the canals in the central part of London, which many tourists do not even know about, and they are only a walk from the West End! Someday we will get to Utrecht!

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