I’m now back in Utrecht after experiencing figurative and literal whirlwinds…

First stop was San Diego last weekend, to be more precise staying in Poway, where I was happy to attend my cousin’s wedding on Saturday evening.  By about noon the next day, however, smoke was in the air, and the fires had begun.  Very early on I sensed that the burn was closer to Poway than the original reports stated.  As I drove up toward LA, I saw that the smoke seemed to be emanating from an area just south of Escondido.   The weather was perfect to fan the flames; hot, dry and windy.  Sunday evening, I drove back down to Poway, listening to the radio reports on the fires, the evacuation of Ramona, where my uncle lives, the school closings, etc.  At the hotel things were smoky but it seemed safe to stay over.  In the morning I called another cousin and found that they had evacuated their house the night before.  I learned today that my uncle’s house burned to the ground.  The only good news in compensation is that no one in the family was hurt.

On Monday morning I flew to New York, where it was also unseasonably warm for late October, and stayed in a new condo in Brooklyn that my friends just moved into.  It was a nice if too short stay.

Then back to Europe, and to the south to spend the weekend in Zurich.  Just a couple images from there to finish off.  The first one caught my eye as a clever logo – it’s not an endorsement of smoking!  And the second is wallpaper from my friends’ apartment stairway.

Sultana logo


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