Views from the new place

Achter de Dom building

Here are a few shots I took today – a beautiful blue sky today by the way – to give a feel for how things look. Above is the building – I’m on the first floor (European style – that means the first floor above the ground level.). Down below is a tailor’s shop. I have three nice big windows in the living room. Here’s a view out two of them:

Window view

Above the entrance on the building there’s this plaque (‘Here lived Anna Maria van Schurman’):

Schurman plaque

I of course wondered who this was, and found quite an interesting Wikipedia entry for her – she moved to Utrecht as a child in 1613 and became perhaps the most educated woman of the time. Her view of the nearby area probably was not so much different from the shot below (my building with the awning), though they didn’t have bicycles back then!

Street view

On the right side is the big, old church set right in the middle of the old town.  Here’s a bit more detail (a skewed view out another front window):

Skewed Dom




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  • johnk5555  On October 8, 2007 at 8:38 am

    Nice pictures Curt! Looks like a pretty neat place. Is it just me or are the skies extra blue there?

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