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Today I had a chance to spend a little time just wandering in Utrecht, and was happy to find a number of music related venues. First I found a set of music stores on a small street near the train station; there are four stores all in a row called Boudisque, one for jazz, one classical, one rock/hip-hop, and one for DVDs. In the jazz store I found a flyer for the SJU Jazzpodium, a bar/club that has jazz and new music just about every night. I decided to go there tonight, to see a quartet led by Alison Isadora on violin, with drums, piano and sax. Not swinging at all, much more interested in textures and pacing it seemed like, but still some good passages.

I will probably try to make the Bennie Wallace show at Jazzpodium on Thursday.

I later found a small shop specializing in world music, and there found some flyers for RASA, a space in town which offers performances of all sorts of music. Right now they’re having an Ethiopian music festival, and they host shows most weekends. Next show I think I will try to make there is Brazilian Vinicius Cantuária playing on October 5.

Finally I note the Record and CD Fair shown above, November 17 & 18 in Utrecht – ‘Vinyl Capital of the World’ so they claim!

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