Winning brands!

Apple logo

Since I’ve done a couple posts on brands that seem to have problems, it’s time for a look at brands that are working.

I’d have to nominate Apple as perhaps the best branding job of recent years. Long known for their creativity in personal computers, I’d say they’ve established the brand as standing for “elegant technology” and are doing a great job at extending into new areas. The advertising is also elegant, supporting the brand nicely. (As for Microsoft, I’d have to say their brand image is more like “inelegant technology”).

Apple has gotten well into the digital music realm with iTunes and iPods, and they’re now going into telephony with the iPhone. As the recent kerfuffle on the price drop for the iPhone shows, it may not be as easy to win there as they thought – it’s a brutally competitive market. But in any case they’ve introduced significant re-thinking in the market and will be a player.

Thoughts on other brands doing a great job?

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