At Wit's End

Theresa Duncan

I think it was about a year ago that I came across the blog The Wit of the Staircase, perhaps there was a link on it back to DeLillo, I don’t quite remember now, but in any case I added it to my blogroll, and would take a look every now and then. The blog was run by a woman I didn’t know, Theresa Duncan, and it had a great visual look as well as intriguing posts.

My visit yesterday found a final posting on the blog by Glenn O’Brien, a eulogy of sorts for Duncan. I then remembered the stories recently about the artist couple that had apparently committed suicide, one after the other, Theresa Duncan first and then Jeremy Blake. In scouting around the web I find that the Duncan-Blake deaths seem to have inspired a large set of conspiracy musings; see here, and here and here. All very strange.

Bottom line is that sadly The Wit is now off the blogroll.

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