Do people in their twenties need hearing aids?

Audeo gizmo

I saw this ad today in the New Yorker, placed right opposite the table of contents.  It’s essentially trying to sell new high-tech hearing aids (oh, sorry, it’s a “personal communication assistant”) to young hipsters, such as the tattooed dude pictured.

From their website, the pitch:

Audéo is a breakthrough for living life to the fullest, bringing back the speech understanding we can start to lose as early as in our twenties. Sleek, stylish and discreet, it is the ultimate high-tech accessory. You’ve always experienced everything the world has to offer. Why stop now?

Is there a big need for these things?  Are young people destroying their hearing in loud clubs, or maybe with loud iPods?  Will this take off as a hip new accessory?  Beats me!

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