No More Music Millenium in NW!

Music Millenium on NW 23rd Ave, Portland

I saw the news today on the front door of the Music Millenium shop at NW 23rd Ave and Johnson – the store will close at end of August. I have to say it’s a shame, because it’s a great local resource; good selection of all sorts of music, live performances, friendly people. So many times I’ve wandered over to look for something and it’s there, in stock.

According to the press release, the economics for the store are just not there anymore. Profitability has been going down since 2001, rents in the area have been going up, and it just doesn’t make sense for them to sign a long-term lease in the neighborhood. Can’t say it’s too surprising, but it’s never easy to lose an institution.

They will retain the store on the east side on Burnside, apparently that one is still making some money. I hope it can continue!

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