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The Persistence of Memory

I’m just digging into Nicolas Taleb‘s ‘The Black Swan’ (about uncertainty and the unpredictable nature of so many events), and early on he talks about Shirer’s ‘Berlin Diary: 1934-41’ as an important book for him, because it (largely) consists of a reporter’s sense of things before WWII happened.  And what was clear to Taleb is that the war/devastation was not the obvious outcome; only in retrospect does the historical record seem to create the obviousness of it all.

Blogs can function in a similar way – they show a person’s reactions and thoughts at the time.  They could help us understand that little is pre-ordained or obvious; the well-known facts at any given time may play very little role in the actually important events that intrude into our lives.

I’ve looked at this blog as essentially my memory book.  I can log my reactions to things at the time, and go back to see what seemed worth noting.

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