Monthly Archives: April 2007

Flowers, flowers, flowers!


Last weekend I made a trip to the famous Keukenhof Gardens in Holland, near the city of Leiden. While not quite everything was in bloom, and the shot above is borrowed from another site, it was still quite spectacular. The gardens are very nicely maintained, and the colors are eye-popping. One starts to see how the Tulip bubble of the 1620s began!

Van Goghs in the Park

Yesterday I made it to the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands, a great museum in the middle of a large park, where they have free bicycles to get around. The Kröller-Müllers collected both art and land, and then gave it all to the state at some point. Their collection was built up around the World War I era, and includes about 60 Van Goghs, along with many other paintings of the time. Above is a terribly small reproduction of a Van Gogh portrait that I liked, of Joseph-Michel Ginoux in 1888. You can get a sense of what else is at the museum on their collections page.