Why bookstores are cool


Today I went looking for some things to read on long airplane rides, so of course headed to Powell’s.  I thought I would get Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris (title from first half of first line of DeLillo’s first novel Americana), and so took a look.  After reading the first page or so, I decided it was a combination of clever/cute that would get annoying over 300 pages.  So I had to keep looking.

I was also interested in getting Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions which I’ve never read, and that took me over to the Technical branch.  I found the Kuhn, and kept looking around…  sometime I just want to find something new and weird.  Finally I came across just the thing – Ether by Joe Milutis, an Art professor, the book filed in the popular science section for whatever reason.  We’ll see if it’s good, but it certainly has potential, and the Amazon reviews are encouraging.  Anyway, finds like this are the great thing about the random browse!

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