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Tap Water

An article today at SF Gate on a growing trend to use local tap water at restaurants instead of offering bottled. Personally I think it’s a good move. There are few standards applied to bottled water, and the energy used to ship water (heavy stuff, remember) around the world is a big waste when you’ve got water locally. From the article:

Among the new questions about bottled water: Is it spring water or filtered tap water? Does it come in plastic or glass? How much energy is spent to bottle and ship it, often thousands of miles from Italy or France? And are municipal water supplies at risk from corporations thirsty for bigger shares of the lucrative bottled water business?

Note also that restaurants have huge markups on fancy bottled water – is it really worth it? (Note: I’m not on a crusade to outlaw bottled water or anything – I just hope people will think about it a little before spending their hard-earned wages).

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