Monthly Archives: January 2007

Truths are hard to give up!


Some interesting reading over at the Edge site, where this year’s question was ‘What are you optimistic about?’ (asked of some 150 scientist types). While I’m not sure I agree completely with Donald Hoffman, I found this passage most interesting:

Here are some obvious truths that guide current attempts to solve the mind-body problem: Physical objects have causal powers. Neural activity can cause conscious experiences. The brain exists whether or not it is observed. So too does the moon, and all other physical objects. Consciousness is a relative latecomer in the evolution of the universe. Conscious sensory experiences resemble, or approximate, true properties of an independently existing physical world.

Will we soon be forced to relinquish some of these truths? Probably.

Seems like it’s actually been awhile since we’ve had revolutionary science of the type that would force us to reconsider such things (I’d say since 1945 & the A-bomb). Maybe we’re due.