MLK and Non-violence

MLK, Jr.

Here’s Taylor Branch, Martin Luther King Jr. biographer, on King & non-violence (with the crucial point that the vote is a non-violent act of political change):

Yes, but what I’m saying is I think he had a strong conviction that what mediated between those two things is nonviolence. A vote is a piece of nonviolence. That’s what it is, and the heart of the religious tradition that made the prophets say, put down your swords and ploughshares and you, even a King, will be measured by the way you treat widows and orphans because they have equal souls before God, is kind of a root basis for democracy and politics. So, I have a line in there where he put one foot in the Constitution, one foot in the Scriptures, and both in nonviolence because he found a foothold in each tradition through nonviolence.

The entire interview here, from Time, Jan 1, 2006.

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