Mingus talks straight!

Charles Mingus

In the liner notes to Charles Mingus CD ‘The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady’ from 1963, Mingus puts it this way:

This music is only one little wave of styles and waves of little ideas my mind has encompassed through living in a society that calls itself sane, as long as you’re not behind iron bars where there at least one can’t be half as crazy as in most of the ventures our leaders take upon themselves to do and think for us, even to the day we should be blown up to preserve their idea of how life should be.  Crazy?  They’d never get out of the observation ward at Bellevue.  I did.  So, listen how.  Play this record.

As we near the announcement of the new escalation of the Iraq ‘venture’ I think his words go straight to the point.  But you should listen to the music too!

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