On James Kim

James Kim with his daughters

For the last 10 days the story of the Kim family, stranded in the Oregon coastal area trying to head home to San Francisco after Thanksgiving, has been followed closely by many. I found myself frequently wondering about them, and hoping James would be found alive, but becoming increasingly doubtful. On Wednesday rescuers found James dead from hypothermia.

This case, this situation, fascinates us because it gets to the heart of a question for which we both want to know the answer, but at the same time are scared to discover. The question is what are we truly made of when confronted with a life and death crisis? how would each of us respond? and how much would we do in the effort to save loved ones?

Without going through the experience, it’s impossible to say how you would handle it. And it’s heartbreaking to be reminded that sometimes the most extreme effort is not enough. James Kim, R.I.P.

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