Ornette Coleman

I’ve been listening to a couple Ornette Coleman releases lately, a new one and an old(er) one. The new one is a live set called ‘Sound Grammar’ from his current quartet, with two bassists and his son Denardo on drums.

The old one is the 20th anniversary re-release of ‘Song X’ done with Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Jack DeJohnnette and Denardo Coleman. Pat went back and added tracks to the release and it all sounds very good (however, there may be a pressing problem, because on two CDs I’ve gotten the last track does not play all the way through correctly).  I remember listening to this when it came out, and finding it a bit too intense, but now it sounds just about right (parts are certainly intense!).

Song X re-issue

Check this blog entry for cool links on Ornette!  (I also snagged the great Ornette photo from this fellow Colin Buttimer).

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