Matmos – Portland, 20-Oct-2006

Matmos CD

The first ever Matmos show in Portland was at Holocene last night, and I’d say it was challenging and good. The make music from just about any type of sound, the weirder the source the more they seem to like it. I enjoyed most of it; there were rhythmic moments and noisy moments. Toward the end a gal in the audience asked them to ‘play something good’; the reply from the band was that she was at the wrong show; if she wanted something good she should go to the Doug Fir.

They got help from a few local folks (the opening piece had a woman reading the SCUM manifesto from Valerie Solanas), and had two other guys with them doing guitars and other stuff. They also had images playing most of the time, often featuring various fleshy views, one apparently of a cow’s reproductive tract (I heard that’s what it was at the CD booth, and some or all of it is reproduced on the CD cover). I liked the video that went along with the piece that was for William Burroughs (I think), which had some neat distorted images of adding machines and whatnot. Another piece had the mic taped to an electric razor which was used to give a volunteer a mohawk on stage.

The encore video of repeated butt spanking was pretty funny, and was followed up with a little live spanking as well. Matmos is definitely out. Funny stuff on their Matador site here.

Several openers, and the SF dj Walter Kitundu doing the harp record player pieces (instruments he built himself) was quite good.

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