In The Hague, or Den Haag

van Dyck - Self portrait

Made a quick day trip out to Den Haag today, just about an hour’s train ride from Utrecht. My main stop was at Mauritshuis Museum, home to a number of paintings from the Dutch golden age – Rembrands, three Vermeers, and more. While I always like to see Vermeers in person, one particular painting caught my eye. It’s by Anthony van Dyck (that’s him above, in a self portrait with sunflower), and the painting is Portrait of Peeter Stevens, 1627. I couldn’t find a decent online image of the painting that I could access, but the website at the museum offers this kind of funny feature to ‘zoom’ into a painting and see details, if you click on the painting at their site. Something about the look of the face and the sort of wispy hair just looked very natural to me, and unlike the vast majority of the paintings from that time.

The most marketable image at the museum currently appears to be this one, by Vermeer, Girl with Pearl Earring from about 1660:

Vermeer - Girl with Pearl Earring

Today was the first actual sunny day I’ve seen in the week I’ve been in the Netherlands; I’ll hope for a few more!

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