Mission of Burma – Doug Fir – 16-Sept-2006

Mission of Burma live shot

Last night was the third time I’ve seen the re-formed Mission of Burma since 2002. And I’d say last night’s show was the closest in spirit to the old days; at this point people aren’t surprised and amazed just to see them playing again, instead they are ready to rock and mosh. And the band delivered. Two strong sets, new ones mixed with the ‘hits’ – I was especially pleased to hear “Academy Fight Song”. Long may they rock!

Picture above is not from last night’s show. The McCarthy sign was not in evidence, nor were Roger’s headphones. Peter said that Roger had part of his brains scooped out and replaced with internal headphones, so now he can play loud music for the rest of his life.

Listen to new stuff from Obliterati – first song ‘2wice’ is excellent!

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