Letter to the NY Times

I wrote the following letter yesterday in response to a David Brooks column about the visionary George Bush.

To the editor:

David Brooks manages to bury the only ‘vision’ laid out by George Bush (“Ends Without Means” Sept 14, 2006). Brooks reports that Bush “asked us to think about what the world could look like 50 years from now, with Islamic radicals either controlling the world’s oil supply or not.” In other words, the Bush vision has always been one of securing oil supplies for America (a ‘vision’ that dates back to Carter if not far earlier), and the Bush strategy has been preemptive war. History will judge the effectiveness of this strategy.

The true visionaries today can imagine a world where in 50 years or less America does not need Middle East oil.

Update:  this letter did not run, but one of the five letters reacting to the Brooks column did pick out the identical quote, and made a very similar point.

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