Modern Times – Bob Dylan (2006)

Modern Times

Bob Dylan’s first senior citizen release hit the racks last week, and I’ve played it a few times now. I’d say it’s most similar to the last one, “Love and Theft” but is thematically oriented towards romance. It’s a mellow sound, intimate and relaxed and not in a hurry. Uses age-old blues rhythms and ancient pop songs to create a ‘modern’ sound for Bob. Recommended for Bob fans, and I have no idea what non-Bob fans would make of it.

I just picked up some tickets for Bob’s show in Portland, Oct 14. The never-ending tour continues.

Here’s a good review of the recent book of Dylan interviews, by Louis Menand in the New Yorker, Sept 4, 2006 issue. He parenthetically makes this comment on the new one:

A new album, Dylan’s forty-fourth, called “Modern Times,” is being released this month. The songs are simple riffs, with laid-back arrangements, and all feature prominently Dylan’s gorgeous late-period croak. It sounds a little the way “Buena Vista Social Club” might have sounded if Cuba had been the birthplace of the blues.

Update:  I note today (Sept 7) that Modern Times was the #1 selling CD last week! Pretty good for an old guy.

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