Three Films – late sixties

Point Blank - Lee Marvin

In recent weeks I’ve seen three films that link together in certain ways.  The first was Point Blank (1967), with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson, directed by John Boorman.  Not a success when it came out, but influential for its tone, the use of color, the non-linear, sometimes dreamlike, plot.  Read more about Point Blank.

The next film directed by Boorman also starred Lee Marvin, along with Toshiro Mifune, and it was titled Hell in the Pacific (1968).

Hell in the Pacific

This is a strange film, particularly coming from MGM.  The two men are alone on a tiny Pacific island, and can only talk at each other.  So there’s no real dialogue.  At this point it feels like a strange out-take from a Survivor episode or something.

Samurai Rebellion

Samurai Rebellion

Then last night I saw Samurai Rebellion (1967) at the NW Film Center.  This film stars Toshiro Mifune, and is in black and white.  Right from the start the story puts the characters into a tighter and tighter bind, trying to resolve their own honor and morality with the orders of their lord, while also worrying about the impact of their decisions on family. Lovely images and photography.  Read more about Samurai Rebellion.

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