Two new films

Last night I saw two new films not yet generally released, shown in the Portland International Film Festival.

First was a bio-pic “The Notorious Bettie Page” directed by Mary Harron. Gretchen Moll stars, and I thought she did a good job. It felt to me like the script may have been chopped a bit, as there were some threads that just didn’t seem ‘well-woven’ to me, such as young Betty’s relations with her father. The use of old stock footage to help set up scenes was kind of interesting, as was the combination of black and white with color. All in all, just okay.

Then Terry Zwigoff’s “Art School Confidential”. This was almost like a John Waters film by the end, in that it got increasingly outrageous and silly. Script by Dan Clowes, the story is fairly absurd, making sure to include as many stereotyped art school characters as possible (not to say that some of them aren’t very funny). Good for some laughs, but very cynical.

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