A few items that caught my eye today…

The March issue of Harper’s magazine has a lead piece by Lewis Lapham advocating impeachment of Bush. Good timing… something I predicted a few years back, and we’ll see, we’ve still got three years. I think it’s actually very funny that this ‘portgate’ thing is leading to so much hoo-haw… given all the other crap that’s gone on in the last 5 years, this is the least of it.

While I usually don’t think too much of the magazine Fast Company, the latest 10th anniversary issue is worth a look. A ‘report from the future’ it features 10 quick blurbs from interesting thinkers, along with ‘the Fast 50’ items on various futuristic notions. Here are a few sample provocations:

Avram Miller (long at Intel, now independent): “Fewer and fewer people will want to be employees of corporations, because corporations don’t have anything to offer.”

Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert): “I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met recently who state, outright, that they don’t like any people. They love technology, but they don’t like people.” And: “When I go to a business conference now, there isn’t one person in the room wearing glasses.”

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