Sam Cooke Revival!

Dream Boogie

I’m now on the Sam Cooke Revival train, and it’s picking up momentum. The big driver is Peter Guralnick’s big new biography – Dream Boogie – the Triumph of Sam Cooke, which I’m just starting. I also picked up a couple re-issued CD’s which I’d recommend: Night Beat and Live at the Harlem Square Club, both from 1963.

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  • […] As I mentioned, the Sam Cooke revival is underway, and I just finished Peter Guralnick’s long book on Sam, Dream Boogie. For those who don’t know, Sam Cooke started as a gospel singer with a group called the Soul Stirrers in the early fifties, then moved into pop songs starting with ‘You Send Me’ in 1957. He had a string of pop hits up to his sordid shooting death in late 1964. […]

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