R.I.P. CDs

Compact Disks photo
I had pretty much come to this conclusion as well, but today’s article in the SF Chronicle by Aidin Vaziri entitled “R.I.P. CDs” puts the nail in the coffin:

They’re overpriced, ugly and don’t even make good rearview mirror ornaments. Now that we know they are also potentially poisonous to personal computers, thanks to Sony BMG’s rogue copy-protection technology, there’s really no reason to buy another compact disc ever again.

It’s clearly time to move on. Think about it: No more nails-on-chalkboard-style skipping. No more secret tracks that scare the stuffing out of you 15 minutes after you think an album has stopped playing. No more fumbling around with those impossible-to-unwrap jewel cases. It was fun while it lasted. The music industry has declared war on its customers.

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