Amy Rigby @ Mississippi Studios – 12-Nov-2005

Amy RigbyJust home from the Amy Rigby solo acoustic show at Mississippi Studios tonight, and I give her a big thumbs up! I had only heard one of her records from a few years ago, so a lot of the songs were new to me, and I thought they were largely quite good. She’s no strumming folky – the songs are very much rock n roll songs – and very clever and funny at the same time. Amy knows a lot of ‘drummer’ jokes (Q: what do you call a drummer without a girlfriend? A: homeless), and I especially liked her discussion of ‘human resources’ (when asked ‘what motivates her?’ at a temp agency interview, she quickly said ‘anger’ then realized ‘oh, you didn’t want an honest answer’).

Go see Amy if you have a chance – tour details at her website:

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