The Hold Steady @ Berbati's Pan, 16-Oct-2005

The Hold SteadyGood show from The Hold Steady (out of Brooklyn, NY, with a distinct Minnesota background!) last night at Berbati’s Pan. TimCraig Finn is lead man, a sort of nerdy Springsteen with wordy tunes of his Minnesota past. While the words were pretty unintelligible (it was loud!), the band rocks solidly, so the songs come across. What also comes across is beer – whether it was being slopped around by TimCraig or thrown onto the band from the crowd. Two encores, much appreciated!

Here’s a good review of their last record, Separation Sunday from Pitchfork.

Openers The Constantines were fine if unremarkable, but the multimedia show from Tim Fife, complete with a presentation, was pretty funny.

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