David Cronenberg's "Body Language" (NYT)

David CronenbergA good career overview article on David Cronenberg in the Sunday NYT Magazine by Johnathan Dee, entitled “David Cronenberg’s Body Language.” The bit I liked best was on the seeming contradiction of Cronenberg as singular auteur yet being very open to suggestions on the set.

What seems most extraordinary about this easygoing, open-to-suggestion vibe is that, somehow, the films that emerge from these “collaborative” efforts are among the most idiosyncratically voiced films around, films that are instantly identifiable as Cronenberg’s. How does that work, exactly?

“It is a bit of a black art,” Cronenberg told me and smiled. “But it’s a matter of your temperament as well. Because if you’re a very confrontational, hostile person and you’re working with other people who are like that, then there’s going to be a lot of yelling and a lot of wasted energy. I’m not like that. I’m much more Machiavellian. I’m very reasonable; I listen to reason and I talk to people, but in the end I don’t really end up doing anything I don’t want to do. That’s my technique. I negotiate to the point where I still get exactly what I want.”

Cronenberg’s next film is titled “A History of Violence”.

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