"The Myth" – 2004

“The Myth” concerns the fans of Nick Cave, and their relationship with him. At first I feared this was not going to be very interesting, but fortunately they had a thoughtful interview with Cave that was threaded through the film, and some interesting points of comparison started to emerge.

The part I liked best had to do with asking fans about whether they wanted to meet Cave and what they’d say, and then Cave speaking about his feelings on both meeting fans and meeting his idols. Most of the fans just seemed to want to get a handshake and give him a thank you. Cave talked about how nowadays meeting fans is mostly about signing autographs, not a lot of fun (different from prior years when things were a bit more casual).

Then Cave spoke about he didn’t really want to meet his idols. He brought up as an example Bob Dylan, discussing “the amount of thought, the amount of time that I’ve devoted to Bob Dylan” and then saying that in fact he had met Dylan, but it was because Dylan came over to say a few things to Cave about his music. Cave said this pretty much left him speechless.

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