Hitchcock, Meloy @ Crystal Ballroom, 8-Sept-2005

Tonight was the opening of MusicFestNW, and I went over to the Crystal Ballroom to see Robyn Hitchcock and Colin Meloy play. Robyn started off solo acoustic, then brought out some pals for his band, including Peter Buck on guitar. A short but solid set. Then Colin came out to play, simply solo, doing a set similar to the one I saw him play at Cafe du Nord earlier this year.

Earlier in the evening I wandered over to Pioneer Square for the opening of the TBA Festival, featuring a performance group called STREB. They are a troupe of acrobats that do things sort of like Cirque de Soleil, without trying to conform to a story. Several set-pieces were very good; I especially liked the Richochet wall and the Fly contraption that helped make the woman hooked to it nearly weightless.

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