Todd Haynes – "I'm Not There" – 6 Dylans!

Found an interesting side note in today’s NYT article by Caryn James on the topic of having several actors play a single character in a film:

And even now Todd Haynes is getting ready to film “I’m Not There,” an authorized version of Bob Dylan’s life, with Cate Blanchett, Colin Farrell, Christian Bale and Richard Gere all playing aspects of the Dylan personality.

“I’m Not There” is the title of an unreleased Basement Tapes song that has been written about quite a lot (and bootlegged quite a lot!).

Two more Dylan roles are to be cast, for six Dylans in all. But the actors are not portraying a realistic Bob; instead, they play people who represent various elements of Mr. Dylan’s character.

Shooting is supposedly starting early next year… we shall see.

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