Graham Parker @ Doug Fir, 3-Aug-2005

Finally saw another ‘big name’ who emerged in the late seventies, Graham Parker, who sure has made a lot of records over the years. I only know the early ones, and this show was a mix of some new songs from his latest CD “Songs of No Consequence” along with a bunch of old ones, like “Passion is no ordinary word” and “Local girls”. There were a couple brand new tunes as well; “I Discovered America” (shades of “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream”) and another perhaps called “England’s Greatest Clown” (about the Libertines’ wildman singer). Parker played with a fellow named Mike Gent, both of them on guitars.

The Doug Fir Lounge is quite a nice venue on East Burnside in Portland (check out the site for the ‘woody’ ambience). Turnout was unfortunately not great for this show, but Parker quickly did a smart thing, asking the folks at the show to come in near the stage (all were initially sitting off to the sides). This created a nice vibe.

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