End of the Century – the Ramones story

Watched the DVD of this Ramones documentary over the past couple nights. I was into the Ramones in the late seventies, as kids we liked blasting some Ramones and bouncing around in the basement. The doc is a combination of interviews and live footage, and it shows the tough slog that life in the band became after the first four records.

I didn’t know that Dee Dee, who comes off as a rather child-like goof, wrote so many songs for the band. He also seems the most human, in that he finally left the band and tried something else, even if it was a very ill-advised ‘rap’ record in 1989.

Johnny on the other hand was a very strange man. Keeping his bowl cut through to the very end, insisting on the Ramones ‘style’ he seems incredibly joy-less. One emotion that came through was some resentment about the UK punks who made news with the gobbing and piercings, but scared off the record business from punk just at the time when the Ramones just might have had some pop hits.

I wished there had been a bit more from Joey (did he ever get another girlfriend after Johnny ‘took’ his gal Linda?). We don’t get to hear Linda’s side of the story either.

But in any case a fitting examination of a band that made it’s own way, through the good and the bad.

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